7-Part Practice Protection Webinar Series

If You are a Dentist who is Looking for the Fast Track to Growing and Protecting Your Practice on YOUR Terms with Maximum Compensation and Minimum Stress, then Reserve Your Space for the First Ever 7-Part Practice Protection Series!

Here's a Sneak Peek of What You'll Learn:

  • Consumer Trends Reveal: The New Rules of Practice Growth & Financial Security in the Evolving Corporate Dentistry Era
  • PROOF: The Independent Dentist CAN Succeed, Profit & Build for Retirement Even in the WORST Possible Corporate Dentistry Dominated Town
  • Discover the BIGGEST Threat to Your Practice and Your Financial Future... When You See WHO is Behind the Threat You’ll be SHOCKED
  • 7 Tactics You Need to Implement Immediately in Order to PROTECT YOUR PLACE IN THE DENTAL MARKET and Jumpstart Your Ability to Build Equity in Your Practice


Discover How ‘Corporate Dental Raiders’ Will Ultimately Affect Every Private or Independent Dental Practice Across the Globe & and How You Can Prepare Yourself

The Untold Truth About ‘Corporate Dentistry’ And What That Means For Small Private Solo Practices

  • What the NEW WORLD of Corporate Dentistry means to you, your team, and the Practice and WHY being approached by a Private Equity Firm or Corporate Merge MIGHT sound like the more appealing option
  • How to be fully knowledgeable and prepared (and NOT taken advantage of) when a Corporate Roll Up or Private Equity Firm knocks on your door... everything you need to know so you are confident that you aren’t being under-valued or under-sold
  • Top 3 Things You Need to Know to NOT BE INTIMIDATED by Corporate Dentistry, PLUS, the major impact it can have on your New Patients, Retention and Growth - AND ultimately YOUR FUTURE and RETIREMENT PLAN

The TRUTH About The NEW Dental Economy & How It Will Affect YOUR Personal Financial Standpoint...

Discover How To Predict Your Personal & Practice Financial Future With Shocking Accuracy

  • How to get your Financial House in order if you are considering selling... both inside the Practice and personally at home... and how to use your Practice as your VEHICLE to get YOU where you need to be
  • Why a Solid Financial Plan is CRUCIAL to having a wildly successful practice, one that ALLOWS you to Spend MORE TIME with your family... and that unhinges you from constantly being handcuffed to the inside of your prison/practice walls...
  • How to RELIEVE PRESSURE OFF YOURSELF by setting up your FINANCIAL PLAN so you are headed in the direction of being Financially Secure (where your family and their FINANCIAL SECURITY is Top Priority)
  • The TWO Practice Formulas every Dentist MUST KNOW, USE and TRACK consistently to ever be successful in Practice... how NOT knowing these formulas can set you up for Financial Doom
  • THREE SIMPLE THINGS you can do {starting in the next month} to SIGNIFICANTLY BOOST your Net Worth so you can UP Your Retirement

Proven Simple Steps To Go From "Success" To "Retirement" On YOUR Terms

RETIREMENT: The Right Way, The Risky Way & The WRONG Way REVEALED to You

  • EXPOSED: The great retirement lie... the REAL reason why so many Dentists are forced to work hard into old age and the IMMEDIATE solution you can implement right now AT ANY AGE that makes you IMMUNE to the lie
  • Statistics Reveal: The SCARY TRUTH about the average Dentist’s Retirement Savings Situation... WHY so many Dentists are UNDERESTIMATING what they’ll actually NEED for retirement and HOW and WHY you need to create your own STRATEGY PLAN so that you are Financially Free when you are ready to retire
  • Why it’s never TOO EARLY or TOO LATE to develop a fool-proof Exit Strategy Plan... PLUS, for the Dentist in their 30s or 40s, a glimpse 15-20 years down the road at what those in their 50s and 60s are struggling with in terms of an exit strategy... AND how the Dentist in his or her 50s or 60s can FAST TRACK their way to an Earlier Retirement
  • The traps, snares and threats Dentists like yourself are Facing When it Comes to Retirement that are BIGGER, more DANGEROUS and more Plentiful than ever before.... What to AVOID and how to find peace of mind and smooth sailing at any age

Discover What Patients REALLY Want. What They REALLY Need. And What They TRULY Hold MOST Important. THESE Are The Differences Between Average Case Acceptance And World Class Case Acceptance.

How To Perform A Case Presentation That Puts EVERYONE At Ease And Makes Case Acceptance A "NO-BRAINER"

  • Why Case Presentation has EVERYTHING TO DO with your financial standpoint (Do NOT underestimate THIS)
  • Your changing ROLE in this UP and COMING industry & how to STAND OUT in this particular profession (among your "competition")
  • How To Get More Patients, To Say "Yes" More Often, To More Care, For More Money... Without Saying ANYTHING That Would Embarrass Your Own Mother
  • You don’t have to be a Great Salesperson to be GREAT at case presentation and case acceptance... but you DO have to be GREAT at understanding people... WHO they are and WHAT they want

Discover The ONE Thing Every Doctor Just Doesn’t Want To Admit But KNOWS Is 100% True... And Also Discover How This ONE Thing Is The ONLY Obstacle Between Your Current Income & Complete Financial Independence

Discover the secret "code" that allows you to MAXIMIZE your productivity and MINIMIZE your stress, anxiety AND worry

  • Learn about the PROFITS hidden in your Practice BEFORE you sell (or even consider selling) and discover what you need to do in order to get TOP DOLLAR.. (You Might be SHOCKED at What You’re Not Leveraging)
  • REVEALED: The ONLY "Problem Solving" strategy you’ll EVER need. Use this to solve EVERY problem in your practice from staff, to marketing, to patient care...
  • "The Loyalty Test" – Find out which team members REALLY have your back and which ones don’t have your best interest at heart... Knowing this up front can Save You Time, Energy, and lots of MONEY










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